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Money…Honey …and Saving Bees from Extinction!
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Bees are dying all over the world. We need bees.
Many people are waking up to the fact that we need Honeybees to pollinate our food and keep nature in balance. Are you an owner of a Pest Control company, Handyman, Tree service, Landscaper, or Preservation company? Are you looking for an alternative to exterminating bees when your customers  approach you about a solution to a bee infestation in their homes and yards?

Partner with us to save bees as our Affiliate Partner.  As an Affiliate partner you will tell the world that you care about the planet and are unwilling to kill bees. You will also do your clients a great service by directing them to a company that cares for people and the planet. We  will also pay you for every lead that you bring our way and we will send a bottle of free Wild Honey to your customer and a half off coupon for buying any size Honey from us in the future! Sweet deal huh?

This is how it works.

Step 1

Sign up using the link above. You will be sent to our Affiliate Sign Up page, its simple, and it only takes a few minutes. Once approved you are ready to start referring your customers.
Step 2
Copy and paste our Custom banners that have your personal Code and Affiliate I.D. embedded them to your web site. They look something like these below and you can pick any size you like.

Step 3
Direct your customers to your site and tell them to click on our banner. They will be directed to our site to fill out a form requesting more information about bee removal and they will even receive a Honey bear with wild honey!  Our program will track all leads automatically.

Step 4
Log in to your personal account to track you leads and see how much commissions you have earned.


Pay per Lead

Every customer referred by you and fills out a form requesting a quote for Live Bee bee removal earns you a referral fee. We pay your commissions via Paypal or check every 30 days.


How much will you earn?  
Our base rate is $15 for every qualified Lead we get via your site.


Refer five customers in a year and start getting extra bonuses of Cash or Honey for any of your leads that turn to sales. (up to 5% of gross sales, tracked separately) We will send your bonus along with your normal Lead commissions check every 30 days.


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