Are Bees going Extinct?

Will Bees go Extinct?

​In 2014 Bee farmers lost half their bees. What is going on? Its hard to pinpoint the problems because like Cancer, there is a lot of reasons. But it is shocking and it is scary and we need to stop killing bees.

Colony collapse disorder (or CCD for short) refers to a mysterious malady affecting domestic honeybees that causes them to leave the hive and not return, leading ultimately to death of the colony. First noticed in late 2006 in North America, CCD has been the focus of much research to try to determine what is causing it. Pathogens, parasites, environmental toxins and even cell phone transmissions have been the subject of investigation. As of this writing (November 2007) the one factor that has been identified as being uniquely associated with CCD is a virus known as Israeli Acute Paralysis . Research is currently underway to test this hypothesis.Virus (IAPV). It is not proven yet that IAPV is the sole cause of CCD, but it is found in nearly all hives affected by CCD. A possible scenario is that CCD is triggered by various stress factors in bees infected with IAPVFor more information on CCD, see the Mid-Atlantic Apiculture Research and Extension Consortium website. Einstein once said, watch the bees, when the bees die, then man would die within a few years.

What about Killer bees? Shouldn’t they be destroyed?We hear from people all the time who are told by the Dept of Ag or from their pest control company that it is recommended that all wild hives be destroyed to stop the spread of Africanized Killer bees.This is just plain crazy. First of all, that’s like killing all alligators because a few people get bit or even killed. I cant tell you all the times we have gone out and saved bees that were destined to be killed, bees that were condemned to death by companies who capitalize on “fear” and ignorance of the consumer but in reality were the sweetest, calmest bees you would ever see. That’s just plain tragic! Thats not to say we dont see some really bad bees but why the “nuclear option”? Kill all wild hives in a day when bees are disappearing all over the earth? Fact is there is fast money to “spray and go” and not many will take the time to suit up on a hot summer day and do the important work of a bee keeper. But we do, and that’s all we do. If they are bad bees, we give them to beekeepers who can handle them. Did you know that the people of Central America actually prefer aggressive bees? They produce and amazing amount of honey and do the important job of pollination.