Jacksonville Bee Removal is much more like the State of Georgia. By this I mean the weather tends to be a little colder than other cities in Florida with Jacksonville being to the North border. What this means is that you are going to see less of the Africanized Honeybees ... Read More


When doing a search for Honey Bee Relocation FL you will not find a lot of contractors. This is what is called a “niche” business. Very few contractors are willing to take the time to save bees, let alone relocate them. It takes time and care and love. You ... Read More


Many times people call me about Florida Bee Removal and tell me that they have bees flying over a hedges or shrubs around the house. Firstly, I ask them if they know the difference between bees and other flying insects. Many are called bees by people that are not bees. ... Read More


Florida bee removal has some unique disadvantages. The mild climates in Florida mean that there is always something blooming, providing year round nectar for bee colonies. That’s great for bees but bad for you, the consumer, if you find a bee colony located in your home structure or tree.  This ... Read More


When people call us about bee removal Tampa area they will often start the call with I have a few bees going into a hole next to the meter box. I will tell them that there are thousands of bees In an active colony and what they see on the ... Read More


When some calls about bee removal St. Augustine one would ask why is it important to consider Live bee removal. First of all there is the fact the bees are disappearing all over the world in something that is called Colony Collapse disorder. No one knows what is causing this ... Read More


Bee removal Jacksonville is a unique experience. Winters are a bit cooler in Jacksonville and so that means you won't find many of the angry Africanized bees. What you will find is a lot of old Florida two story wood homes and some with rotting roof structures. You also find ... Read More