All Florida Bee Removal

All Florida Bee Removal

Many times people call me about Florida Bee Removal and tell me that they have bees flying over a hedges or shrubs around the house. Firstly, I ask them if they know the difference between bees and other flying insects. Many are called bees by people that are not bees. There are bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets, the list goes on. If you have a bee problem you need to know that bees are in the thousands not hundreds or dozens. So if you ave a bee problem per se you are going to have a ball of bees inside the hedge not just a few flying around.


Wasps and Honeybees will both seek out nectar or pollen depending on the variety. But if you see a few insects on your shrub that’s not a bee problem, that’s a flower problem. If there is nectar available then insects are going to come and gather it, its that simple, Nature is going to do what Nature does. If you don’t want insects to come gather nectar then you need to cut your shrubs, or at least prune them back far enough so that the flowers are gone. This is Florida bee removal, by not giving bees a reason to come in the first place.

“But I don’t see any flowers” I will often hear my clients say. Don’t be fooled, bees see that your eyes cant see. I sat and watched bees visiting what seemed to be a flowerless shrub one day and I saw the bees landing on the ‘terminal” ends of the branches and gathering something, I assume nectar. I don’t know if the shrubs have microscopic flowers or if they produce a smaller flower when they constantly cut back, like a hedge is. You can also put shade cloth on your shrub for a few days. This will break the memory of the insects you see your hedge as a food source. Florida bee removal means year round flowers, a little prep can keep bees away.

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