Bee removal in Jacksonville

Bee removal in Jacksonville

Bee removal Jacksonville is a unique experience. Winters are a bit cooler in Jacksonville and so that means you won’t find many of the angry Africanized bees. What you will find is a lot of old Florida two story wood homes and some with rotting roof structures.

You also find huge trees and bees going into knotholes that have been going into hollow spaces of hundred-year-old Oak trees for years and years. It’s not uncommon to work off of high ladders for bee removal Jacksonville and literally risk  our lives. .

All good bee removal and thorough bee removal requires hands-on work. This is no spray and go scenario., Hey that rhymes! Spray and  go never works and most pest-control companies know this. They don’t want to deal with the removal of honeycomb, In this case a two-story with honeycomb in the wall.

Bee removal Jacksonville

That honeycomb has to come out. And there is no shortcut to the danger and the work involved. Spraying is easier obviously. And a super toxic jolt of spray in the hole where the bees are entering the wall may seem like solving the problem, I mean, you don’t see bees! Reality is,  there’s honeycomb in the wall there will be bees returning again soon to get to it,  it’s just that simple.

The case of the tree and a knothole, that honeycomb cannot be retrieved so in that scenario you need someone to climb a ladder once again,  but in this case we catch the bees , all we can and then seal the tree. Both jobs require knowledge of bees and  of honeycomb.

Pest-control does not normally require job descriptions including construction skills. It’s about passing a Chemicals tst and Applying Chemical. That’s a Pretty Good Job and Easy to Accomplish. So Why Would a Pest-Control Company Want to Go into the Construction Business? So What You Find Is That Pest-Control Will Either Refuse to do a  Bee Removal or They Will Apply Chemicals and Not Resolve Your  Honeycomb Issue. Remember, All Good Bee Removals Include Opening, Cleaning, Closing and Always Ask for Warranty. If All Things Are Equal, Choose Live Removal. Call Us for More Information about saving bees.

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