Bee removal St. Augustine FL

Bee removal St. Augustine FL

When some calls about bee removal St. Augustine one would ask why is it important to consider Live bee removal. First of all there is the fact the bees are disappearing all over the world in something that is called Colony Collapse disorder. No one knows what is causing this massive disappearance but it has many people concerned. In some countries they are banning certain chemicals from Monsanto.

bee removal st augustine fl

There are options to killing bees and when you are searching terms on Google to find a contractor to help you with your bee problem try Googling “bee rescue” or “ bee relocation” not just bee removal St. Augustine. Some contractors will just spray a heavy chemical in the structure where your bees are and he is done. I would not call this removal, it’s solely “extermination” If you do that be advised that if the bees have been there for any amount of time they have for sure established lots of honeycomb, honey and bee larva. If you spray it only then it will all melt in the structure because the living bees fan their wings to keep the wax from melting. If the bees are dead then everything melts and the smell will draw every bee in town to your location. It is also likely you will get bees to return again and so the process is repeated again and again too. So when considering bee removal St. Augustine always remember that a good removal always includes Opening, Cleaning, Closing, and if the job has been done correctly you should get a warranty too.

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