Florida Bee Removal

Florida Bee Removal

Florida bee removal has some unique disadvantages. The mild climates in Florida mean that there is always something blooming, providing year round nectar for bee colonies. That’s great for bees but bad for you, the consumer, if you find a bee colony located in your home structure or tree.  This is really true when it comes to Africanized bees.  African bees are known for their aggressive behavior but that same behavior translates to “extreme amounts of Honey and Honeycomb”, more so than other varieties of bees.


Africanized bees are just honeybees after all and Florida Bee Removal means lots of Africanized bees (otherwise known as Killer bees). Africanized bees prefer warm weather and Florida bee removal means warm weather right?  Florida bee removal also means extreme heat inside of the Bee Technicians bee suit. The Tech may not tell you but that may mean more costs to you.

The hotter it is in a bee suit and the angrier the bees are often translates into higher costs for bee removal because more breaks are necessary to keep from getting heat stroke.  Of course this is only for those technicians who are doing the job right and not for someone who is just arriving and spraying for a few minutes. Not much work in that. All bee good bee removal includes Opening, Cleaning, and Closing the structure. You have to open a structure to clean it. If you don’t get all these services and a warranty too, you are going to get shorted somehow. That’s Florida bee removal.

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