Honey Bee Relocation FL

Honey Bee Relocation FL

When doing a search for Honey Bee Relocation FL you will not find a lot of contractors. This is what is called a “niche” business. Very few contractors are willing to take the time to save bees, let alone relocate them. It takes time and care and love. You will mostly find Bee exterminators online and I don’t they relocate anything, let alone stinging insects.


Honey Bee Relocation Fl companies are few but a some Wild Life Relocation companies handle Honey bees also. These are the guys that do snakes, racoons, squirrels, bats and other animals. Some of these guys carry bee suits and are willing to relocate bees. But you will have to do some calling around for sure. Most contractors want to do the job quick and move on but Honey Bee Relocation Fl companies will suit up and take the time to open the structure, calm the bees, catch the bees, remove the honeycomb, clean it, dust it, and close it up again. Anyway, that’s what Honey Bee Relocation fl companies should be offering, that’s what we do. Then when all that is done we “relocate” the bees. This takes time too.

The best thing to do is to ask. If you are armed with knowledge you can ask the right questions. Like
“is there a warranty?” If all the work is done right then you should get a warranty. If there is not a warranty offered then you should consider finding someone else, there is likely a shortcut being made somewhere. The chance of re-infestation is really high if you don’t do things right.

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