Jacksonville Bee Removal Pro

Jacksonville Bee Removal Pro

Jacksonville Bee Removal is much more like the State of Georgia. By this I mean the weather tends to be a little colder than other cities in Florida with Jacksonville being to the North border. What this means is that you are going to see less of the Africanized Honeybees because the African Honeybee prefers warmer climates. But you should always be aware because you don’t know for sure until you start messing with them, then you know what kind they are. All bees are dangerous and will attack and if you are allergic then you can die from shock.

Jacksonville Bee Removal companies who do a good job are few, I mean true “removal”. What do I mean? Most companies you call do bee “extermination” but not a removal. For instance, if you have a bee colony in the wall you can have 10,000 bees and buckets of Wax, Honey and Bee larva. Most exterminators do not want to mess with all that, its too much work! No, they will mostly likely attempt to kill all the bees with a heavy chemical.


If that works (and I do mean if) , meaning, if they kill all the bees, what happens to all the wax, honey and bee larva, and oh yeah, dead bees? It all melts in the wall, ferments, stinks, and draws vermin and eventually more bees to you site because the melted honey will go “aerosol” and the smell will drift and draw bees and bee swarms to you. Its just a fact, and after spending all that money you will find you have a bunch of bees in the same place before you know it, sometimes within a day or two. Jacksonville Bee Removal is just that, “bee removal” and with that you will mostly likely get everything removed too, Honey, wax, all of it. Ask before you buy!

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