Live Bee Removal Tampa

Live Bee Removal Tampa

When people call us about bee removal Tampa area they will often start the call with I have a few bees going into a hole next to the meter box. I will tell them that there are thousands of bees In an active colony and what they see on the outside is only a small percentage of what is going on inside. They will often not believe and tell me there is only a few. But bee removal Tampa is like bee removal anywhere and in fact more so because bee removal Tampa has mild temperatures growing colonies year round.

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When a swarm arrive can be between 2000 and 10000 bees. So why don’t you see them? Most of the bees hang close to the Queen and are doing hive building. What you see on the outside is only the landing strip, and if the hole is small you will see a lot of bees piling up there waiting for their turn to go in. This is especially true on hot days and all the bees head out to gather nectar. You might see any bees in the morning and a whole bunch in the middle of the day and then at night the all funnel into the wall and disappear. But they are there, trust me!
Since honeycomb has to generally hang from something you will most often find bees at the top of the wall on the inside. If it is a block wall the bees will be found in the hollow spaces of the block and if it is a frame wall the bees will be in between the studs in the wall. No one knows how big a colony until you open the structure and see it with your eyes. So you need bee removal Tampa? Call us and get a free consultation www.

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