Daytona Bee Removal

Bee removal Daytona, is a large area that climatically speaking, encompasses new Smyrna to the south and St. Augustine to the north. Although we get honey bee swarm removal Daytona infestations in the usual places like walls, soffits, floors, and other home structures, we see a lot of swarms flying into meter box’s on the road. When someone calls for a bee catcher Daytona and says they had bees going into the ground I would normally think Yellowjackets but I don’t see a lot of Yellowjackets in bee removal Daytona situations so the very next thing that comes to mind is bees going in to a meter box.

Daytona bee removal from a meter box is that plastic box with a lid that sits at ground level and encases your water meter. Bees don’t grow in the ground because they avoid bacteria but the clean plastic box that your water meter is in is a perfect location. The bees go in the hole of the lid and then attach their honeycomb under the lead hanging down and coming within an inch or so of the soil that surround the meter. Honey Bee swarm removal Daytona  can be quite large in size to the point where the entire box can be filled with honeycomb. Some areas the water company will take care of the bees that fly into the water meter box.

Bee removal Daytona , yes, we do service a few water companies so it’s good that you call them 1st and ask if they do handle that sort of thing and  they’ll call me or someone like me. But if they don’t they will usually say something like the water meter box is your responsibility. Either way, it’s an accident ready to happen because the next time the kids are playing ball or the maintenance man comes to mow the lawn somebody might get attacked. Make sure your correspondence to water companies are in registered letter form so that you have a legal documents telling them that they had been notified about the bee problem but don’t wait to deal with it!

Of course Honey bee swarm removal  Daytona can be done live and always “ go live” whenever you can. We calm the bees with smoke before we catch them and that reduces the risk of people getting stung. We like working bee removal Daytona jobs,  the people are nice and the weather is always so cool and makes those hot days in the beesuit not so unbearable. For Bee hive removal Daytona,, think Ecobee, The call is free.



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