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Honey Bee Swarm Removal Jacksonville is different from year to year in regards to the number of bee swarms and infestations that we see. Jacksonville Bee Removal being in the northern part of the state you have cooler temperatures and some very dry years they keep the flowers from growing. Any Bee catcher Jacksonville will lell you “Less flowers means less honey” and less honey means the colonies of bees will not grow quite as fast, Bee Hive removal Jacksonville it’s that simple.

We tend to see less angry bees in Jacksonville but that does not mean that you should not be very careful when approaching a bee colony because you really don’t know how something is going to react until you start messing with it. One thing we do see a lot of in Jacksonville is Yellowjackets. Because Yellowjackets are the same size as honeybees often people confuse them with bees but they are quite different.

When someone calls me and tells me they had bees going to the ground the first thing we think of as Yellowjackets. You should be very careful with Yellowjackets. There’s no telling how big the colony is. Bees don’t grow in the soil because they save honey and honey cannot be around bacteria. Yellowjackets grow at the roots of trees and plants and sometimes they can get quite large.

The colony begins in the spring and then grows throughout the summer. Yellowjackets can be very dangerous and the stings are very painful. Like I said, Jacksonville Bee Removal is that we see a lot of activity when it comes to Yellowjackets, and you should be careful! Of course, as a bee catcher Jacksonville, Eco-bee removal will tell you whats up and it is a free call. Bee hive removal Jacksonville, call us.



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