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Thanks for Saving Bees from Extinction
Honey bees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of all the food we eat, without them we and our planet are in trouble. We are happy to see that every day more and more people are taking the time to learn about the options for bee removal. We would like to say thanks to the following companies for choosing Choosing Eco Bee Removal.com to save their bees. 

Disney World Orlando
Taco Bell
Home depot
RaceTrack Gasoline
Motel 6

Do you want to add your name to the list of those choosing to save bees? 
Are you a Pest Control company looking for options to killing bees and a reputable company to refer you customers to? 
We have set up a really simple system for you to refer your customers to Eco Bee Removal.com. We will build you your own Landing page where you can refer your customers for a free coupon discount for bee removal in your name.  On this custom landing page is a statement declaring you commitment to saving bees. We keep track of your referrals and pay you for every lead plus bonuses of Pure Wild Honey! 
Want to get started? Just click on the button below and be taken to a simple form to get your started and we will do everthing from there, build your landing page and send you a link for your approval.  Questions? Call Steve  direct at 352 617 3673

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