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St. Augustine Bee Removal

Bee removal St. Augustine is very similar to Jacksonville in regards to the Climate the difference being is that we would normally expect to see milder temperatures in the St. Augustine area. Honey bee swarm removal St. Augustine means milder temperatures, and you can have flowers popping off from various varieties of trees and shrubs just about any time of year.

Bees are all about gathering nectar, that’s what they do and everything they do depends on that. We don’t see a lot of activity in St. Augustine bee removal but when we do the colonies of Bees can be quite large. Bees gather honey so that they can eat that honey during the winter when times are cold. When the temperature changes you may think the bees have gone away because you don’t see the activity of them coming and going from that hole in the wall or roof. But the reality is the bees are up in the structure eating the honey and using that energy to play a sort of tug-of-war friction is will that keeps the bee larva warm. Meanwhile on sunny days the Queen may designate a few gatherer bees to leave the tug-of-war game and go into the world to bring back any nectar that they might find from a winter season bloom.

So this process goes on throughout winter and then one unusually warm day in winter or the 1st warm day of spring you will see that the new bee larva was suddenly Hatch and the colony is now ready to divide into 2 colonies with the arrival of a 2nd Queen born with in the hive. So St. Augustine the cool of winter all of this is going to go unnoticed to the human eye and suddenly a big ball of bees appears onwill n the wall. So the bad news is what you thought had been bees that had come and gone in actuality had never left and now not only do you discover that there is a colony in the wall but it’s so big the 2nd one has formed and you’re at risk of those bees going into another whole infrastructure and starting yet another bee colonies.

As the summer progresses bee situation is going to get worse because more food means more bees. We are your bee catcher St. Augustine and We love working in the oldest city in the United States, give us a call and we will answer your questions, Bee removal St. Augustine is Eco Bee Removal.



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