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The Sarasota area of Florida has about a 3 month period here you will see a lot of honeybee activity. The bees can be found in all the normal locations: in walls and in structures, water meter boxes and in trees. If you see a ball of bees hanging from something it is a good chance that the bees are either resting or they just arrived. A good sign of how l low to the ground they are. If they are, let’s say under 10 feet, Chance are they will move on. If you see bees coming out of a wall you may assume that they been there a long time.

This is just like you would expect it to look white or yellow emerging from of see of Brown which are actually the honeybees all holding together and doing a little title one thing as they protect the Queen. It’s always a good idea to wait 3 days see the bees will bother him unless you see this honeycomb which means they’ve been there a while and should probably do what you have to do to remove the colony and relocated to another location. The cool temperatures of Sarasota will also force bees into interior locations.

If you see a small amount of these on crack in the wall you should automatically assumed that there’s a large colony on the inside. One job we did in Sarasota the bees went to a dryer vents and actually went inside the dryer room or the laundry room. This was caused by people spraying chemicals on the outside to try to resolve their be issued. The bees are only using the vet to get inside the wall after that they follow a pathway to the top of the wall on the inside to form the colony. Getting out there with a can of raid will actually make the situation worse.

This particular person in Sarasota forced the bees into the house by spraying the engines to the bee colonies outside force the bees in the wall find the way out in this case the only way out was in and they confuse the interior lights the be the light of the sun. Always a good idea to call for honeybee specialists. We are available 24 7 to answer any of your questions so don’t go spraying anything to talk to us 1st. There are some situations where you might want to use of pest-control



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