Titusville Bee Removal

With the planet warming up we have seen more bee removal Titusville in your general area.. Sometimes the calls are Honey bee swarm removal Titusville calls as bees show up as a large ball on a structure and that means either bees are resting or have already found a hole into your by structure .

Titusville bee removal should always consider 3 day wait to see what bees are going to do before you spend money especially if you just happened upon a ball of bees. As a bee catcher Titusville we get a lot of bees landing on trees. You will just come home one day and find a ball of bees hanging on a branch and you may think the ball is so large they must have been there a long time but the fact is something the size of a basketball can show up in about an hour and leave in the next 15 minutes.

Sometimes these will actually go in a hole of the tree and inside the tree is some sort of space but the bees have created a colony and now our building honeycomb. Either way the bees have to be relocated and if they are going in to a knothole that knothole has to be sealed otherwise the smell of the honeycomb is going to draw another swarm of bees back to you again. Like I said we have seen an increase bee removal Titusville bee removal has increased over the last few years and I expect to see more in the days ahead. Of course you can always call us and ask us any questions 24/7.

Honey bee swarm removal Titusville? Often we will tell you to wait a few days because a new swarm does not present a huge amount of danger because a swarm is not defending a home but rather is looking for one. We have saved a lot of people money just by calling us and following our counsel. Eco bee is your bee catcher Titusville, call us.



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