What’s the Costs?

How much is bee removal?

There are a few factors that determine the cost of bee removal.

  1. Where are they located? On a tree, In a wall, In a floor? Each situation is different. Bees will grow until they reach the limits of the space they are in. In a wall the space is quite large but in a eave or soffit the space is smaller. Is it on the first floor or second or even third floor? Working off a ladder is more dangerous and time consuming.
  2. How long have the bees been there? The larger the space and the longer the time the bees have been there, the more likely you are to have big bee colony. There is no short cut to hard work. The bees, honey, wax and bee larvae must be removed!
  3. How angry are the bees? Intense bees take a lot of care to calm and so they will take longer.

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