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My name is Steve Behncke. I am the owner and founder of Eco Bee Removal. We founded our company because as beekeepers we wanted to provide options to killing the bees that get into your trees and structures. Bees are vitally important to the earth and to us all. Over one third of all food that reaches our table come to us because of Bee pollination. What would we do without their important work and wonderful honey? Sadly bees are disappearing all over the earth and for many reasons; GMO's, insecticides, overwork, viruses, mites, careless pest control companies and the overzealous policies from some government agencies have caused the needless death of honeybees. We have fought with the Dept of Agriculture for years for our right to save bees. It used to be illegal to save bees, can you believe it? And the Pest control companies that make money killing bees pressed us hard, threatened us and lobbied against companies like ours to keep us out of the market but thank God good has prevailed and the Dept of Ag now honors our work and have freed us to do what we do best...capture and relocate bees.Ethics aside, pest control does not offer a permanent solution to bee problems anyway. Why? They rarely take the time to remove the honeycomb and close things up when they are done. In short they don't think like a beekeeper and they they don't know the habits of bees.  Honeycomb is an incredible attractant to bee swarms looking for a home and if you don't do the job right you are almost guaranteed a re-infestation. That's why those other companies wont give you much of a warranty. Most people find that we are a bargain when they find out all we do and how good our warranty is, and to top it all off..we re-home the bees! Do yourself and bees a favor and call me for a free consultation. I will tell you what you need to know, even what the others guys charge. I will even give you their names and you can call them yourself. Then you can make the right decisions all the way around. Check out our videos below and to the right. (Double click for bigger video screen) Thanks for reading this and thanks for saving the bees.                                -Blessings, Steve Behncke

Why live bee  removal?

Removing Bees from a barn wall part 1 

Below: Watch us save bees that other companies  say should be destroyed

Removing Bees from a barn wall part 3
Removing bees from a hedge

Mega bee colony in tree Part 2

Removing Bees from a barn wall part 2