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Where they located? How long have they been there? How high off the ground? Are they angry?

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We are skilled beekeepers and craftsmen dedicated to saving bees and solving your bee issues.

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40% of honeybees in the USA died in 2014! Are bees going extinct? What can we do?


Why live bee removal?

My name is Steve Behncke. I am the owner and founder of Eco Bee Removal. We founded our company because as beekeepers we wanted to provide options to killing the bees that get into your trees and structures. Bees are vitally important to the earth and to us all. Over one third of all food that reaches our table come to us because of Bee pollination. What would we do without their important work and wonderful honey? Sadly bees are disappearing all over the earth and for many reasons: GMO’s, insecticides, overwork, viruses, mites, careless pest control companies and the overzealous policies from some government agencies have caused the needless death of honeybees. Call me for a free consultation. I will tell you what you need to know, even what the others guys charge, I will even give your their names. Then you can make the right decisions. Check out our videos. Thanks for reading this and thanks for saving the bees!

-Blessings, Steve Behncke

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